OPERATION NORDWIND: Final German thrust during 4th week

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The Germans attempted one last effort against the US 7th Army during late January. The final German reserve, the 10th SS Panzer Division, was released to engage the Americans on 16 January. Positioned on the west bank of the Rhine in the vicinity of Gambsheim, the SS panzers met the US 12th Armored Division head on. Again the US tankers lost heavily, their second defeat in this campaign and were forced to retreat.

Now well into the third week of Nordwind, the German pressed their advantage on the right flank of the US 7th Army. However, the pull back of the American line to Haguenau and the Rothbach River had greatly improved the defending unit density. The local numerical advantage the Germans had enjoyed disappeared by the fourth week of the campaign. The final main German thrust on 24 January in the vicinity of Haguenau was repulsed, effectively ending the Nordwind.

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