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The Battle of Hatten-Rittershoffen summarised through a series of maps and images.


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OPERATION NORDWIND: Background and planning (November-December 1944)


The US 7th Army successful six week advance to mid-December 1944 created a prominent bulge in the frontline in the eastern French province of Alsace near the German border. On 16 December, the Germans commenced their famous campaign "Watch on the Rhine" through the Ardennes which forced US generals to realign key units northwards, weakening the US 7th Army already over-extended frontline


As German success in the Ardennes slowed, German High Command looked for operational alternatives. After several days of discussions, the German commanders settled on Operation Nordwind, consisting of two main thrusts against the northern portion of ‘bulge’ of the US defensive positions in Alsace, and a mobile reserve of panzers ready to take advantage of any success.


Operation Nordwind commenced on 1 January 1945 and lasted for close to four weeks.

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