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Battle of Hatten-Rittershoffen: Panzers enter Hatten


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During the late morning, the Germans committed their armored assault troops of the 25th Panzergrenadier Division in the form of Kampfgruppe Huss.

‘We could see large numbers of enemy troops advancing and Lt Michaud instructed my brother and myself to back to the company CP (ED: located near the main church in the town of Hatten) … The firing was quite intense and the enemy advanced in spite of his heavy casualties … My brother and I reported the situation to Captain Montague … we saw at least ten tanks and thirty armored personnel carriers approaching … confusion reigned in the CP … (and) all escape routes were covered.’

Pfc Don Segel, 242nd Infantry Regiment (Pommois p252; ED: Don Segel and his twin brother were soon captured)


‘At 1118hrs, Cpt Montague of B Company, 242nd Infantry Regiment, reported that “18 tanks and 20 halftracks approaching pillbox No1.” (ED: this position is located to the south of the map above)


At 1237hrs, a message from 1st Battalion, 242nd Infantry Regiment … “5 tanks coming out of woods followed by infantry. Getting fire on them. Would like to have tank support. Ammo low on bazooka and mortar. Cannon Company doing good job. Tanks are pouring from woods using flame throwers”.’

AAR 242nd Infantry Regiment (Pommois p251)

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