CANCON-2021: a Virtual Australasian

ASL Tournament: 22-24 January 2021



'Cheers!' from Andy Rogers, 'Hatten in Flames' designer and long-time Aussie ASL Tournament Director. For over 25 years, 'CANCON' has been the main Australian Advanced Squad Leader Tournament. It has been held yearly in Canberra over the Australia Day weekend at the end of January. The Tournament has been traditionally part of a very large gaming event of over several thousand people. With COVID, this large gaming event has been cancelled, forcing us to consider alternate arrangements for our ASL Tournament.


As the longest standing 'CANCON' ASL Tournament Director, I am keen not to put an 'asterik' through 2021. To this end, alongside a modest Canberra 'bubble' of ASL players in 'face-to-face' mode, we are planning to run a 'virtual' ASL tournament, CANCON-2021, with times to suit players throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Asian region.


Date: 22-24 January 2021


  • 'Virtual' players to compete against each other and a modest Canberra 'bubble' playing in 'face-to-face' mode

  • Tournament-sized scenarios over three 'knockout' rounds, plus a fourth round for finals for the undefeated players

  • Players knocked out in the tournament, will be able to play in a 'mini' or continue on with 'friendlies' 

  • Should sufficient numbers enter the 'virtual' tournament, an alternate later date would be scheduled for a grand final

Timings (Sydney time zone):

Friday early evening: 22-Jan (1st round)

Saturday late morning: 23-Jan (2nd round)

Saturday late afternoon: 23-Jan (3rd round)

Sunday early afternoon: 24-Jan (finals & friendlies)


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